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Gear Review: Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

I like staying hydrated on the go. But I also have my concerns about chemicals leaching into my water after the Nalgene fiasco of 2008, when we learned that polycarbonate bottles release the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) into our drinks, increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Many people then switched to Sigg bottles, but it later came to light that this brand's older bottles had BPA in their lining. Where does this leave us? With glass.

Lifefactory now makes adult versions of its eco-friendly baby bottles — minus the nipple, of course. Lifefactory sent me a Beverage Bottle ($22) to test out and I've been carrying it ever since. It's a 22-ounce sturdy glass bottle, with a screw top lid, housed in a protective silicone sleeve. Here's what I love about my bottle: it holds a lot of water, the entire thing is dishwasher safe (both bottle and silicone sleeve), the water inside never takes on that funky metallic taste, and since it's clear you can see how much water you have left. Here's the drawback: it's a bit heavy, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise since it is made of glass. I tried the bottle out at the gym, and quickly realized that it's not meant for use on a cardio machine since you have to screw off the lid, which is an accident waiting to happen if you're trucking along on a treadmill. On the other hand, I appreciated the break time during circuit weight training when I needed a sip and had to remove and replace the lid. I think the best use of this bottle is on driving-heavy carpooling and errand-running days, but I don't think I would take it with me on a hike.

I must say I like the polka-dot design, and the silicone really does provide ample gripping action — even for sweaty hands. You can pick up your own Beverage Bottle from Lifefactory's website. I also found the bottles, both for babies and adults, at my local co-op grocery.

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