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Gear Review: Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

I like staying hydrated on the go. But I also have my concerns about chemicals leaching into my water after the Nalgene fiasco of 2008, when we learned that polycarbonate bottles release the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) into our drinks, increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Many people then switched to Sigg bottles, but it later came to light that this brand's older bottles had BPA in their lining. Where does this leave us? With glass.

Lifefactory now makes adult versions of its eco-friendly baby bottles — minus the nipple, of course. Lifefactory sent me a Beverage Bottle ($22) to test out and I've been carrying it ever since. It's a 22-ounce sturdy glass bottle, with a screw top lid, housed in a protective silicone sleeve. Here's what I love about my bottle: it holds a lot of water, the entire thing is dishwasher safe (both bottle and silicone sleeve), the water inside never takes on that funky metallic taste, and since it's clear you can see how much water you have left. Here's the drawback: it's a bit heavy, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise since it is made of glass. I tried the bottle out at the gym, and quickly realized that it's not meant for use on a cardio machine since you have to screw off the lid, which is an accident waiting to happen if you're trucking along on a treadmill. On the other hand, I appreciated the break time during circuit weight training when I needed a sip and had to remove and replace the lid. I think the best use of this bottle is on driving-heavy carpooling and errand-running days, but I don't think I would take it with me on a hike.

I must say I like the polka-dot design, and the silicone really does provide ample gripping action — even for sweaty hands. You can pick up your own Beverage Bottle from Lifefactory's website. I also found the bottles, both for babies and adults, at my local co-op grocery.

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mishl982 mishl982 6 years
I actually love this bottle. Yes it's a little heavier than a sigg and it's not the best for working out. But I have it at work with me every day, I can throw the entire thing in the dishwasher (major plus for me), it fits ice cubes and even though I'm a klutz, this thing has yet to break. I wish it had an option to have a sippy lid for when I'm working out but overall I love this bottle. I also bought it in-store at the Container Store.
krisbry krisbry 7 years
I love this. I actually prefer glass bottles - I'm not particularly hard on them, and I really dislike the faint metallic taste that seems to come with most metal options I've tried. I was quite frustrated to find that when I went to order one, however, there was a $10+ shipping charge for the $21.95 bottle! As much as I'd love to try this, I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that just for shipping!
jelibeann jelibeann 7 years
these are lovely, but i hate the fact that it's just a screw top, with no sports bottle style situation going on
inlove23 inlove23 7 years
I love how it looks, but I feel like the glass would make it annoyingly heavy, and what happens if it drops? lol. I really abuse my bottles. I just got an aluminum water bottle from pottery barn and I seriously hate drinking water from it because it reminds me of drinking metal. It's so cute though!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
What a rip. This is just another excuse for a company to scare people into throwing out their perfectly fine aluminum or stainless steel water bottles so they should buy a new one. Next month they'll say there's something wrong with the glass ones. You can't win.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 7 years
Glass would be a hazard for me. I still stand my my steel vacuum Thermos. 20 ounces keeps my drink cool in the summer.
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
Like! But, unfortunately, I, too, am accident prone. I dropped/kicked/dented my sigg bottle within minutes of getting it! One day!!!
darc5204 darc5204 7 years
Unfortunately, I'm with roaringsilence; glass would not work at all for me; it would be a constant hazard.
mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
Can you fit ice cubes in it? That is my biggest issue with a lot of the metal containers - the top opening is so small!
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
lol why would glass not be dishwasher safe? I remember having a Sigg bottle when I went to school, and I always dropped it so much that it got dented and all the paint came off. Glass bottles certainly aren't for me, not even if they have silicone sleeves.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 7 years
These look great! I love the design and the fact that they're dishwasher safe is a huge plus!
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