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Gear Review: Polar FT60 With GPS

The folks over at Polar recently sent me a few heart rate monitors to test out. I liked the
FT40, but I think I am in love with the FT60 ($239 including chest sensor with changeable battery). Mine is a purple-pink color, reminiscent of raspberry sorbet, so even though it is large it is still somehow feminine and I wear a bunch, even when I am not at the gym. Points for being functional and stylish.

This heart rate monitor not only tracks your heart rate (either in percentage or beats per minute) and totals your calories burned, it keeps track of all your workouts. That's important because you can use the watch to set a fitness goal — lose weight, improve fitness, or maximize fitness. I chose the latter and my watch asks me to work out five hours and 35 minutes a week, and more weeks than not, I rise to the occasion. Yes — my heart rate monitor inspires me to work out.

There are a few more cool features, so


Before you begin working with the FT60, the heart rate monitor gives you a fitness test that takes 5 minutes, and then tracks your progress as you take the test monthly. This HRM also has an EnergyPointer, which calculates the point where training turns from fat burning to fitness improvement, and in weekly summary you read on the watch, it tells you how well you have done in each target heart rate zone. Between the tracking and motivational elements, you do feel like you have a trainer on your wrist.

This watch is also compatible with the Polar G1 GPS ($140) unit. The GPS is a bit bulky and can chafe if you're not careful, but it is super cool to read your speed and distance on a heart rate monitor. This is a great feature for tempo runs and intervals. Plus you can run a new route each outing and know how far you have gone without having to map it on the computer. This is a great time saver.

This HRM also is also compatible with the Polar Flowlink ($55), which allows you to upload all your workout information and transfers data between the watch and — a free site that allows you to track your workouts and progress, and gives you access to helpful training tips and tools. Unfortunately, this feature is not Mac compatible and being a Mac gal, I have yet to test it out.

Having used Polar heart rate monitors in the past, I feel they have definitely improved the user interface and the FT60 is easy to use. Shop for one here.

Check out the details and accessories by clicking on the photos below.




Join The Conversation
The-Caller The-Caller 4 years
I use the FT 60 + GPS. The training program set by the unit is set at the correct fitness level for me. The on-line reports is helpful and informative. All the training results is stored on the unit and easily accessible. The GPS unit takes a while to acquire the satellites thought- 10min. I also noticed that my unit have some connection problems with the GPS- loss of signal during training. This week I'm about to test the foot pod unit. Change out batteries is an improvement.
cynthiauva cynthiauva 8 years
I just finished my first training session with the FT60 and I'm officially hooked!!
Smithsmel Smithsmel 8 years
Does anyone know if this model is good for spinning? If not, any recommendations? Thanks!
Chris-Polar-USA Chris-Polar-USA 8 years
The FT60 along with all Polar heart rate monitors use a chest transmitter to measure heart rate. Reason being - this is the most accurate and consistent way to measure heart rate. Good news is the FT60 will come with the new Wearlink textile chest transmitter which is extremely comfortable. It’s like a “second skin” that most people never notice once they start exercising. The Polar FA20 can serve as an alternative for those who don’t want to use a chest strap, because it’s an activity computer – not a heart rate monitor. The FA20 will still measure calorie burn, steps, distance and total active time with 24/7 measurement using an internal movement sensor. -Chris @ Polar USA
Fitness Fitness 8 years
Yes you wear a chest strap and a watch for the basic heart rate monitor. the GPS is an additional arm band.
treva treva 8 years
Buzzsugar, not a dumb question because I asked this too on the last Polar monitor review! According the Polar rep you wear a chest strap with the watch. They are apparently less bulky and cumbersome then previous ones! I've put this on my christmas wish list! :)
syako syako 8 years
I'm no expert, but most require a chest strap (some have sports bras equipped with the strap, but then you'd have to keep wearing the same bra) :P There may be some that just get a count from your wrist (not sure), but it won't be nearly as accurate.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
So ... stupid question alert. When you're working out with a heart rate monitor, do you have to use the chest strap thing? Or can the watch work on its own?
syako syako 8 years
So wait, if you want it to work with GPS you have to wear something else? which would up the total to three things (chest sensor, GPS sensor, watch)??? No thanks! I'd rather GPS and watch be one thing (like the Garmin).
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
Man I really wish I could afford this. I need the motivation! I used to have one and I loved it, I felt like I was competing with it and it pushed me harder. But it broke and now I'm broke, but maybe one day.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I love this! I wish I had $239 to spend on a watch... Maybe I'll start saving...
evietoo evietoo 8 years
I bought this about 3 weeks ago and love it. It replaced another Polar (F11?), and seems both more accurate and has a better interface. I'm addicted to working out with this thing -- it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.
KimberlyW1231 KimberlyW1231 8 years
Fit, I am so glad that you reviewed this product!! I am looking at purchasing this watch or the Garmin 405. The two watches are designed for different purposes so its really hard to compare. Are you familiar with the Garmin 405 and if so, which watch do you prefer?
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