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Gear Review: Sanita Professional Clogs

When you think clogs, chances are high the term "fitness gear" doesn't spring to mind. However, I couldn't have made it teaching Pilates for all those years without wearing my trusty clogs — slip them off, demo an exercise, slip them on. The company Sanita Clogs, which bills itself as "The original Danish clog," recently sent me a pair of holiday clogs to test out — the Holly Red Professional clog ($135).

I wore these clogs in the kitchen for all my holiday cooking. To see how they fared


Standing over a stove for hours, my body can take a beating and the Sanita clogs saved my back and my feet. I felt like my professional chef friends who cook in similar clogs. The clogs provide tremendous arch support, exactly what my pronating feet need. Although the sole is stiff, it still has a nice shock absorbing quality. Although I enjoyed holiday shopping in my holiday clogs, they can be difficult to run in when dodging traffic and chasing small children because they don't have a lot of lateral support. But, these clogs are great for walking and the sole is designed to rock a bit and help propel you forward. The toe box is quite roomy so you can spread your toes out wide and are great if you have bunions. The Sanita clogs feel a bit more narrow than the Dankso clogs that I have worn, so if you have narrow feet you should try these clogs.

I found these clogs super comfy and supportive. Happy feet when not running, make for happier feet when training. The Sanita clogs are accepted by American Podiatric Medical Association, which is why you see plenty of nurses, doctors, and chefs sporting clogs. Try a pair on at a store near you, or pick up a pair from an online retailer.

Have you ever worn Sanita clogs? Tell me your experience below. Be sure to post a review of your gear in the Good Gear / Bad Gear group.

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theseether theseether 7 years
I have found that Sanita's have a roomier fit then Danskos. I asked the salesman about it and he said that Sanita's still follow UK sizing and are made in Europe, whereas Danskos are now made in China and the sizing has changed a bit. Love my Sanitas!
Fitness Fitness 7 years
Hey anon, I don't think these shoes are the most attractive either, but I was surprised by the amount of compliments I have received on them. No lie. One of my very fashionable, always in high heels friends asked if she could have them.
wiggle wiggle 7 years
Ha Anon! Not as pretty as many high heels, but so much nicer on my body. I wear Dansko clogs. I have really messed up feet and they are the comfiest shoes ever. Better than running shoes for daily activity. I try to wear other shoes and my feet just crave the clogs.
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