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Gear Review: Word Lock

Keeping your valuables safe at the gym requires a lock, but if you're not a numbers person, remembering the combination can be downright difficult. If you are more of a wordy gal, the Wordlock ($10) might be just the solution you're looking for, as the tag line is "Easy to Set — Never Forget." You can set your own four- to five-letter password for something easy to remember. The letter combinations are not infinite, but the lock comes with many suggestions.

I found the lock super easy to set up. I set my combination, my second choice of words — no biggie — in less than a minute. The first time I tried to open the lock, it was difficult to spin the letters around. I have had this trouble off and on, which can make getting into your locker when you're dripping wet an extra pain. Changing the word combination, however, is a breeze. This feature comes in handy if you use your boyfriend's name and then you drop him. The locks come in black, red, silver, and of course pink. They're available at Target, Walgreens, and many other retailers. You can find a retailer near you with this store locator or at Amazon.

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