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Gear Review: Zoom Sister One+ by Nike

Earlier this Fall, I was invited to attend a Women's Media Summit at Nike HQ to learn about their new training shoe for women, the Zoom Sister One+ ($110). After treating all the attendees to a killer workout designed to show off the flexible features of the Sister One (I was sore for days), they sent me home with a pair of shoes to experiment with on my own. I've been wearing them for a few months now for my strength training sessions and when I use the elliptical. I feel I have thoroughly tested this shoe, and I can tell you it is pretty great.

Not only is the Zoom Sister One+ cute, but it so lightweight and flexible that I feel like dancing around after lacing them up. I am no longer plodding through my lunges, but dancing a duet with my dumbbells. The shoes make me feel nimble and ready for action. These shoes are a hybrid of the Nike Free barefoot running technology and the ultra lightweight Nike Flywire that debuted at the Olympics this Summer. The end result is your feet can truly sense the ground. And like we teach in Pilates and yoga, your feet making contact with the floor starts the muscular chain of command, so the chances of the correct muscle pattern happening are considerably higher. This means more effective and efficient training. When you do squats in the Sister One+ you don't have to think about pressing through your heels because in these shoes your weight is already there. The shoe moves in all three planes of motion, so if you are twisting and lunging the shoe moves with you instead of breaking the motion. They feel great for kickboxing when you pivot while throwing a punch with your entire body.

To see what activity the Zoom Sister One+ is not designed for,


The Sister One+ is not meant for running, and running shoes aren't really meant for training either. I do like to wear my Sister Ones on the elliptical so I can feel my feet working. I also like wearing them for plyometric jumping exercises since I can feel my muscles working to keep the impact of landing out of my feet and joints. To see how truly flexible this shoe is check out this video:

Be sure to wear these shoes with a sock that is cut high over your Achilles tendon. I wore mine with basic anklets and ended up with a nasty blister. I think it is super cool that these shoes are Nike+iPod compatible too. The shoes come in a variety of colors. Although, my combo reminds me of my first pair of Nikes way back when. Check out this clip to see all the colors.

This shoe will be available the day after Christmas. You can use any leftover Christmas money to get yourself a pair to start the New Year off on the right foot.

Join The Conversation
anyasm anyasm 8 years
will try... thx!
LolaMD LolaMD 8 years
Do they provide ankle support?
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 8 years
They look like a slicker version of my Nike Free shoes, which ARE meant for running. They give the "barefoot" experience.
georgie2 georgie2 8 years
I meant as it was once pointed out to me...
georgie2 georgie2 8 years
Well jnj, as it was pointed out, if you don't buy their products and you're not their customers, then they dont have much incentive to listen to you. As a customer who then voices your concerns about their business practices, then they're more likely to hear you. also, by boycotting, the little children goes from being exploited with barely any money to no work and no money at all. it doesn't really help if they go from bad job to no job, what they need is a better job.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
Nikes don't usually fit my feet very well. These look interesting though. I may have to give them a try.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i have a pair of nikes that are REALLY similar to those and they are super flexible too. what i like best is that i was looking for a flexi shoe that i could wear biking when i didn't want to wear my bike shoes, and then easily transition to the elliptical and they did the job. i think that if you're saying that the new ones are even better, then i might have to check them out :)
jnj213 jnj213 8 years
i think that's pretty crazy that the shoe is that flexible... i just always have this back of the mind nagging about nike and how its products are made. (by children)... can anyone ease my conscience?
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