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Holiday Eating Tip: Rebound After the Gorge

Marty, a contestant from season three of The Biggest Loser, once said: "The largest [dieting] obstacle is getting back on track after a cheat day." I have to second that. With the biggest cheat day of the year being Thanksgiving, I thought I would remind you to get back on the healthy lifestyle wagon right away. Don't allow one day of indulgence send you into a downward spiral.

Plan on exercising Friday. Morning is always best, because that way you are sure to fit a workout into your busy post-holiday schedule. Also avoid the temptation to eat pie and leftover stuffing for breakfast — or am I the only one who does that? Instead, have a healthy, balanced breakfast, then make yourself a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and hold the mayo.

The bottom line: So you might overindulge for one day. Fine. Just don't let it push you off track until the New Year!


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