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Get on the Ball: Booty Lunge

Exercise balls are for more than just working your abs. Using one in a standing exercise is sure to challenge your balance as well as work your legs. This ball exercise reminds me of the Pilates Reformer exercise the Scooter, but because the ball is unstable this Booty Lunge exercise challenges the core much more.

  • Start by placing the top of your right foot on top of your exercise ball. Keep your left knee soft – do not lock your standing knee.
  • Reach your arms forward at shoulder height. If balancing in this position is too challenging, open your arms out to the side. Inhale to prepare.
  • Exhale and actively pull your deep abs toward your spine. Bend your left knee, engage your right glute and lunge. The ball will move backward and your shin will move to top of the ball. Focus on moving the ball backward from your pelvis and not your foot. Make sure your left knee doesn't move beyond your toes.
  • Inhale and return to starting position. Repeat for a total of 10 reps then switch sides. Do two sets.
Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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