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Get the Bod: Jessica Alba Post-Pregnancy

OK, so I need to stop for a second here and say that Jessica Alba looks absolutely amazing for just having had a baby three and a half months ago. She only gained 25 pounds total and since she exercised during her pregnancy, it was easier for her body to bounce back.

In a recent issue of US Weekly, her trainer Ramona Braganza sums up how this celeb got her body back in shape. Here are the highlights:

Her diet: Each day, Jessica eats between 1,700 and 2,000 calories, and her workouts help burn 550 calories. Nursing also burns an additional 500 calories a day.

Her workouts: Jessica works out for an hour, five or six days a week. She was big into the 12-week 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone workout since it kept her moving with 10-minute sets of cardio, circuit training, and core training. She also enjoys swimming, weight lifting, and using her treadmill at home.

Now that Jessica's back to her pre-baby body, she feels proud and isn't shy about showing off her body. It's nice to hear that she wasn't working out crazy hours or excessively restricting her diet. An hour a day for a workout may seem like a lot for a new mom, but as you can see, it really made a difference to this new mom. I say good for her.


CatherinasTutus CatherinasTutus 6 years
I can't get over how judgemental some women are! After my first baby, I wore my size 0 jeans after a week. It was a shock to say the least. It just happened! I only gained somewhere between 25-30lbs and the doctors always complimented me (even in the middle of labor) on how fit and healthy I was! I breastfed my baby, ate a normal diet, I didn't even workout until after 3-5 weeks! I didn't do any hardcore workouts during pregnancy, I walked almost everyday and that's it. I was LUCKY enough not to get stretch marks either. Some people just have good genes, maybe it's because I used lotion on my growing belly several times a day, I don't know! Now i'm pregnant with baby #2 and I am running/weight training about 5-6 days a week, in addition to eating a healthy, reasonable diet. I'm hoping I have the same luck this time around, but who knows! Plus, not everyone is going to have the same results! Everyone's body is different, however, that doesn't give anyone the right to bash someone else and come up with ridiculous comments about their health. You aren't doctors, you don't know their medical history, you didn't weigh them everyday or check their blood, etc. Get over yourselves!
fresh1721 fresh1721 8 years
talk about workout motivation.
mariejoeyjacobs mariejoeyjacobs 8 years
neonbible neonbible 8 years
She's not at her pre-baby bod for sure because it was so so skinny but she looks super SUPER hot here nonetheless
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
I have to just ask...where are her stretch marks? I always wonder why these celebrities don't have stretch marks. I guess Jessica Alba only gained 25 pounds, but Angelina Jolie gained sooooo much and had twins in her what the heck is going on here people? You can work out all you want, but stretch marks don't just go away...unless you have the lasered away I guess?
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
Couldn't you keep pumping milk out to burn more calories? That's what I would do if I was lactating. Give whatever to the baby, and chunk what goes bad, but I would be pumping 24/7.
hautepink hautepink 8 years
SparkleStar, I totally agree!'s UNREALISTIC to think those results would be obtainable to anyone but celebs and people who were born with nice bodies. Honestly, I've come all long way with weight High school, I was over 220 pounds and my prom dress was a size 20. Not being able to wear the brands I wanted to or go shopping in the same stores as other girls my age was HEART BREAKING. gaining 25 pounds for a baby is NOTHING!! Now, I weigh 130 and stuck with skin. : (
32miles 32miles 8 years
christina aguilera work out 1 and a half hours to loose her baby weight. on the otherhand tho, jessica alba is too afraid to gain too much weight. after all she is the epitome of a great sexaaay abs haha is her baby a healthy one?
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 8 years
I remember when I kept on reading how Jessica was so scared she wasn't going to get her body back! Why she was worried I don't know... after all she is a celebrity and has money to shell out on a trainer! Common! ha ha!
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
If I had a NANNY and a MAID and a PERSONAL TRAINER and a COOK then I'd freaking look like that too! She makes me sick. :p
luiyuming luiyuming 9 years
Right... I have to work out an hour a day five to six days a week to lose weight — I'll try this!
BeFitMom BeFitMom 9 years
WHOA! Those numbers don't add up, or I should say subtract down. First, a women of her size simply does not burn 550 cal. in an hour workout, even if she's at the top of her aerobic training zone. I'd guess the real number is more like 400 calories. And remember, that even if the treadmill reads that you've used up 400 calories, it doesn't mean that you've lost that amount in fat. Why? Because you would have burned about 20% of that amount anyway, just being alive and going through your daily activities. Workout numbers on exercise machines are deceptive, don't take them at face value. Breastfeeding can take up to 500 cal per day, but only if you are breastfeeding exclusively. But here again, the number is deceiving. Taking care of an infant, (who is feeding for 30 minutes every 2 or three hours) an is a fairly sedentary lifestyle and this lowers maternal metabolism. And since stored fat is mobilized anyway, breastfeeding shouldn't be thought of as more that a zero-sum gain (or in this case loss). And lastly, if you take the largest number that she eats per day, 2,000 and subtract the exercise amount of 550 and breastfeeding 500, you get the shockingly paltry and unhealthy number of 950! No one, not even the most petite of us should go below 1200 calories per day. Lots of negative health effects occur at this point.
vitisva vitisva 9 years
My cousins gf had her baby nearly a year ago She's really too lazy to do anything about the weight gain
mtiger mtiger 9 years
I heard that you're really only supposed to eat like 300 extra calories a day while pregnant...I don't know if that's true or not. It definitely makes me want to be fit before pregnancy and exercise during it!
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
It's hard to imagine a baby was growing inside that belly. She's soo tiny!
amazed amazed 9 years
I'm a medical student... and i agree with cfp's comments that jess's weight gain during her pregnancy is healthy... Everyone should gain about 25-30 pounds during pregnancy and if you gain more, that's unhealthy and well... it also means that's how much more you gotta lose post baby isn't it? Plus it's healthy to have a work out programme in place (which you should have started before you were pregnant) and kept going through pregnancy which is the recommended steps to take by experts. What her trainer is saying is true in that if you involve exercise you bounce back post baby a lot faster, and combined with the fact that she also eat healthy and was a healthy weight prior pregnancy, and that she is also still young... well, worked out well for her didn't it?
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
TinkerbellSF- You took the words right out of my mouth! I mean, good for Alba, but geez I haven't even had a kid, and I don't look nearly that good. Argh, this post is just depressing.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Dang, I was kinda hoping her body would be shot to sh*t after having a kid (I'm not jealous or anything, lol), but she does look fantastic. It kinda makes sense though...she did work out all through the pregnancy and she's a pretty active person. Plus, yeah, breastfeeding burns killer calories. Think about it: You're providing 100% of the nutrition that a little baby needs. Breastfeeding is the time when you actually DO need to eat for two; not during the actual pregnancy.
TinkerbellSF TinkerbellSF 9 years
Sad. I'm contemplating getting that 2 3 4 baby bump be-gone thingy and I haven't even had a kid.
iamangiepooh iamangiepooh 9 years
I'm jealous of her too! She looks beautiful. I bet she's going to lose more weight even though she's already thin again.
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 9 years
i cant even explain how jealous i am of her. i dont have kids, but i doubt id look like that after i do have them. hell i dont look like that now!
Witchy-Ways Witchy-Ways 9 years
The couple of extra pounds she has left now compared to her pre-baby body make her figure MUCH sexier. She looks hot! But it's just hard to believe that she got that body back in such short time with that diet and exercise plan. Looking at how Halle Barry looked in those recent red carpet pictures, even for regular exercise and healthy eating, her tiny bump seems much more realistic.
cfp cfp 9 years
I think that she looks better now than she did before her pregnancy. Also, gaining 25lbs is a NORMAL amount of weight to gain during pregnancy. It is recommended that you gain about 25lbs if you were a healthy weight before pregnancy.
TxRdRaider TxRdRaider 9 years
I'm with you FoxyJo! I was just thinking I'd love to have her body pre or post baby!!
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