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Get the Bod: Jessica Simpson

Jessica is hard at work on getting in shape for her upcoming role in Major Movie Star. She has joined the 5-Factor the diet / workout plan that is ever so popular in Hollywood these days. Folks are saying she has lost about 20 pounds in a month - which seems like a lot to lose in a month from her tiny frame (she is only 5'3").

We have seen her running with 5 Factor creator Harley Pasternak, tall knee socks and all. Pasternak says "We're making Jessica taut and toned without taking away her femininity." It looks like the plan is working she is still curvy but buff as well.

Want to know a little more about the plan? Then,

The 5-Factor Diet is a fairly uncomplicated regimen of 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, consisting of: low-fat protein, fiber, healthy carbs and fats, and a sugar-free drink with every meal (yep, that could be a diet soda or my beverage of choice - water). ET Online is reporting that Jessica is having 1300 calorie meals delivered to her home through the 5-Factor website. I was curious as to the cost of the service and after spending considerable time on the website couldn't find any information on that. She is a star so it seems she is getting star treatment.

The 5-Factor Plan is not just about dieting, the workout is an integral part of the plan to take the weight off and keep it off. It is reasonable, combining both strength and cardio in each session of only 25 minutes exercise, 5 days a week. The entire plan seems pretty doable to me, since there is one diet "cheat day" a week and two days off from exercise. I'm sure it helps to have those meals delivered to your door too.

Check out some 5-Factor Diet healthy trades - recipes and all from Us Magazine. The 5-Factor website is full of information too.

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