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Breakups can do horrible and wonderful things to a woman's body. Jessica is no exception and with her new man John Mayer in tow, she is apparently committed to getting healthy post Lachey.

Want to find out how she is doing it, then

iFitandHealthy is reporting the latest on Jessica Simpson's new diet and workout plan:

Jessica's Diet -

  • Mashed bananas with peanut butter: “It doesn’t look pretty, but it’s a healthy protein snack,” says Jess. Salsa and low-fat chips are also a good snack idea.
  • Eat small meals packed with veggies every three to four hours.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat lots of fruit — watermelon is one of Jess’ faves.
  • If she’s ever in a pinch, Jess will go on a three-day juice fast.

A Typical Day of Meals for Jessica -

  • Breakfast: Egg whites with whole-wheat toast or a Zone-Perfect Bar.
  • Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken or fish, and crackers.
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon with vegetables.
  • Snack: A Zone Perfect Bar if she hasn’t had one for breakfast, or a grapefruit with sugar substitute Splenda.

Jessica's Workout Plan (sort of) -

  • Three days a week of cardio and circuit training.
  • ”I work with small weights – 5 to 10 pounds – but only to get toned,” says Jessica. “I don’t want to be beefy, I want to look feminine.”
  • Lots of lunges and squats to target the rear end.
  • ”I do a lot of Pilates and stretching,” she says.
  • “I love my body, but I’m modest – believe it or not,” says Simpson.


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