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Get the Bod: Katherine Heigl

Now that "Grey's Anatomy" is on break, we're getting our fix of the doctors in other ways. Katherine Heigl (aka Izzie Stevenson) has been promoting her new flick Knocked Up and apparently a rather revealing love scene was just the motivation Heigl needed to hit the gym (not that she really needed to, aesthetically). got the scoop from her trainer, Harley Pasternak, on what she did (and still does) to tone up her bod.

Heigl, 28, met with him for cardio and circuit-training sessions of 25 to 50 minutes, up to five times a week for six weeks prior to shooting. On-set, she'd jump rope or lift dumbbells outside her trailer. All the while, she ate Pasternak's 5-Factor Diet, which delivered five high-protein, high-fiber meals a day.

Even with a scheduled weekly "cheat day," says Pasternak, Heigl soon looked "tighter and more toned."

As for the former gym-hater, Heigl says now, a year after filming, she still works out regularly. "I used to have back pain. Suddenly, my body is supporting itself the way it's supposed to," Heigl says. "I wake up and I go, 'My god, I can't believe this is my body!' "

Want to see a sample of her typical workout and diet? Then

Typical Workout for Heigl:

  • 5 minutes of jump-roping, jogging, or stair-climbing for a cardio warm-up.
  • A circuit of 4 sets each of the following:
    • 25 dumbbell flies
    • 25 lunges
    • 25 low-body crunches
  • Followed by:
    • 5-25 minutes of cardio running, elliptical training, stair-climbing or biking, with the last five minutes working as a cool-down period.

Sample Day's Meals:
Breakfast: French toast with ricotta pillows
Mid-morning snack: A mixed-berry shake
Lunch: TexMex salad with chicken and black beans
Afternoon snack: Hummus crudite
Dinner: Sea Bass with brown rice and edamame


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