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Get Fit For 2010: Make a Plan and Share It

Here to serve as a motivational force in your drive to get fit for 2010, I want to remind you all that good intentions need well-laid plans. Let me share with you all some examples from the blog posts FitSugar readers have been writing in the Get Fit For 2010 community group.

  • JanisRae has resolved to get healthier by going to the gym, eating better, and being more mentally sound. Here's her strategy for de-stressing: "Blogs, journals, prayer, deep breathing. Going back to doing things I enjoyed doing before I got a full-time job is also a priority; going back to your roots makes you smile and feel youthful! Also, keeping clutter to a minimum seems to do the trick."
  • LadyBomb has been through a lot, and she's not kidding herself that she's going to meet her health goals without some hard work. She writes, "I'm going to increase my exercise frequency, duration, and intensity gradually in hopes to lose the weight."
  • User commonsense 102 has the goal of staying on the healthy track as she overcomes an injury. She is not only focusing "on healthy eating and making smart choices about indulgences," she is also adding intervals of jogging to her walks.
  • FitSugar user parkercat wants to lose the last 20 pounds and her plan to do so is simple and straightforward. She wrote, "I will increase my running millage and step-board exercise."
  • Rebeccaelyse is turning her health around and lowering her BMI. She is starting by replacing "soda with water, white bread with wheat."

Have you blogged about your goals for the new year yet? If yes, did you write how you plan to meet them? If not, please share your plan since writing goals helps you figure out how to meet them. Each blog post you write in the Get Fit For 2010 group increases your chances to win the weekly prize — $100 gift card from Nike. You have until Sunday Jan. 17 11:59 p.m. (PST) to meet this challenge. And since we know change takes more than a week, out Get Fit For 2010 is three months long with a new challenge every week to stay on track.

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mem952 mem952 7 years
I'm going to run a 10k race every month this year!! I've already signed up for my January race and a 6 race series for the April-September races!
zeze zeze 7 years
The blonde girl on the far right has a gorgeous body!
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