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Get Fit for Snowboarding

Starting out snowboarding, whether new to the season or new to the sport altogether, is an incredible workout. I love finding additional fitness outlets during Winter months, especially things that are super fun. One thing to keep in mind, however, is you'll get the most out of the season if you hit the slopes already trained. Even if snow seems weeks away, I would start now so you'll be ready.

Here are a few areas to pay attention to while training:

  • Quadriceps: The quadriceps muscles are extremely important because maintaining the correct position for snowboarding (read: squat), along with trying to turn and control the board, means that your quadriceps will be working overtime while you're snowboarding.
    Good exercises: Leg presses, lunges, and squats
  • Hip flexors: While snowboarding, your hip flexors will be in full force as your body is moving up and down and maintaining your balance.
    Good exercises: Hanging twisting leg raises and leg raises on a step
  • Core: Your core muscles will keep you upright and help you to balance. Core strength is essential for everyday living, but crucial for hitting the slopes upright, rather than face first.
    Good exercises: Plank and dying bug
  • Total body: Snowboarding is truly a full body training sport, especially when you're just learning. To be ready to hit the slopes and keep a balanced training program, be sure to train your whole body, not just your legs.
    Good exercises: Seated rows, lat pull-down, calf raises, hamstring curls, push-ups, bicycle crunches, and triceps dips

Fit's Tip: Don't forget to work on your cardio endurance too, since some of those slopes can be several miles long. Need some ideas? Try a few of my cardio programs.


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