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Get in Gear: Binoculars for Your Hike

If you love exercising outside, I'm sure part of the reason is because you love being immersed in nature. There are so many smells, vibrant colors, and amazing things to see, that it inspires me to stay out longer.

Once the cooler weather starts to set in, I love to go hiking because there's a ton of wildlife to see. It's also a great workout because even though you are just walking, if you are going uphill it works your muscles and gets your heart rate up too.

Just in case I hear a woodpecker or catch a hawk flying overhead, I always bring a pair of binoculars so I can get a closer look. You can end up spending over $500 on a really nice pair, but if you're like me, you want something that's small, lightweight, and not that high tech. That's why I love these Nikon Travelite V 12 x 25 Binoculars ($129.95).

Want to hear more about them? Then

These are great for hiking since they only weigh about 9 oz. The all metal body is covered with a durable black rubber armor that adds shock resistance (in case you accidentally drop it). The rubber also makes it easier to grip if your hands are sweaty or slippery from rain. Plus the design is ergonomically correct, making it more comfortable to hold if you're looking at something for a long time.

Another thing I love is that the lenses are made with Arsenic-free Eco Glass, which is earth-friendly, and lighter in weight than traditional leaded glass. The magnification is 12x and when you're 1,000 yards away from something, you can see a range of 220 ft from left to right. It comes with lens caps, a strap and a carrying case to keep it protected. Order your pair from REI.

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