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Get in Gear: Garmin GPS for Your Bike

Do you typically stick to the well-known and heavily populated bike path when you go for a ride? Well, now you don't have to. Check out these new bike GPS units made by Garmin.

They're called the Edge 605 and Edge 705. They snap into a mount that you attach to your handlebars and they include basic maps so you don't get lost. If you want more specific maps, or a whole array from different areas, you can purchase separate cards. Just plug in the detailed MapSource® City Navigator® street maps on a preloaded data card, and get turn-by-turn directions on a sunlight-readable, color display as you pedal. If you prefer off-roading, you can also get topographical maps. So cool!

The Edge 605 can track your speed, distance, time, calories burned and altitude. The Edge 705 can do all that plus it can track your heart rate, cadence (the number of rotations of your crank - the part of the bike that is connected to the pedals), climb and decent. These GPS units are definitely for the infatuated dedicated bicyclists, who want to track their ride with the utmost detail, and ride wherever their little feet want to pedal.

How much do these Garmin GPS gems cost? To find out

You can purchase these for a pretty penny - the suggested retail price is $430.75 for the 605, and a whopping $541.65 for the 705.

Fit's Tip: If you are just looking for a basic GPS for your bike, check out the Edge 205, which is only $269.22. It won't tell you what your heart rate is or your speed, but it will help you keep track of where you are.

valepere valepere 10 years
I'm confused... is this this month's giveaway?? ;) Well, one can only hope!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 10 years
I haven't used my bike in a long time however I still want this!
Adrianne Adrianne 10 years
This is so cool. I want one.
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