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Get in Gear: Heart Rate Monitor

OK so after playing around in the Fit's Calculator, you've figured out that you don't like taking your heart rate manually -- Too much work involved.

You've probably seen other people sporting their heart rate monitor watches at the gym but are you a little intimidated by them? It seems a little scary to go to the store and buy your own, especially when you may have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

The term Heart Rate Monitor sounds like it is straight out of the hospital, complete with suction cups leading to wires stuck all over your body. But most heart rate monitors are just a non-conspicuous (and wireless) strap that you put around your upper body (just below your breast line). It tracks your heart and sends the information to your watch or the machine your are using. Almost all newer cardio machines will read the signal as well. No more awkwardly holding on to the sensors while you are running on the treadmill.

For a good starter watch, I love the Polar SF3 ($69.95). It does everything a normal watch does and reads your heart rate. The watch comes with the strap and does not have all the bells and whistles some HRM watches come with, so it's easy to get started. Buy it here.

Want to know what your Target Heart Rate is, then go to Fit's Calculator!

Fit's Tip: Tracking your heart rate is a great way to really get the most out of your work out.

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Spincyle10 Spincyle10 10 years
I don't think this Calculator is particularly accurate. It gives heart rate estimates that don't take into account your individual fitness. I can regularly work at 175+ bpm and sustain it, but it's in the "danger zone" according to the calculator. There was a time when 175 felt like I was going to die, but now I'm far more fit than I used to be. I think FitSugar should use something like the Karvonen formula for this instead, which takes into account your fitness level, based on your resting heart rate (RHR).
katie225 katie225 10 years
whenever i use the heart rate monitor on the elliptical machine at the gym, it's ALWAYS wrong. it says i'm between 60-70 bpm, which is obviously wrong. therefore, i don't want to buy a heart rate monitor and have it be wrong as well. ugh. i wonder why it doesn't work for me, but it'll work for my friends and those around me.
DStirk DStirk 10 years
I love the calculator feature fit! it looks so much better than any other calculator out there.
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