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Get in Gear: Lightweight Hiking Boots by Vasque

If you're used to hiking or snowshoeing in the winter, than you probably already have a pair of waterproof winter boots. Those are great for frigid temperatures, but now that it's much warmer, you should think about getting yourself a pair of lightweight hiking boots. You'll be able to move quicker, have more traction on slippery or uneven ground, and they'll offer ventilation so your feet can stay dry. Check the Vasque Breeze. Want to hear why they're so great? Then

They're made of waterproof leather and Airmesh nylon to keep these boots light and highly breathable (so your feet don't get too hot and sweaty, which can cause nasty blisters). Plus the DryTech footbeds inside are removable, so if your boots do get wet (I always fall into a river at least twice a summer), you can take them out to dry.

Another great thing - these boots go over your ankles. This is a necessity when hiking to ensure maximum support when trekking through rocky and unstable terrain, so you won't have to worry about twisting an ankle. The outer soles of the boots are made of Vibram Contact rubber, giving you ultimate traction on wet surfaces.

Vasque knows about hiking and they make excellent boots. Since you'll have them for a few years, you can feel good about spending $120 ( on quality lightweight hiking boots.

Fit's Tips: Buying new hiking boots is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be confusing and frustrating. Here are some tips on how to pick out and break in the perfect pair.

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beks78 beks78 9 years
Thanks for this! I just joined Hike for Discovery and will be hiking the Grand Canyon this October. I read your post about how the boots should fit and this looks like a great recommendation. (And they're cute too!)
the-clam the-clam 9 years
Vasque makes great hiking boots. They can take a beating and have great traction on rocks.
AucuneRancune AucuneRancune 9 years
Good post. Those boots look nice, but nowadays I don't really hike enough to warrant nice boots.
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