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Get in Gear: Pink Ribbon Water Bottle

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to tell you about this Ribbons Within a Ribbon Water Bottle. It's being sold on the Breast Cancer Site Store, and for each bottle purchased, the organization will fund 1 percent of a mammogram for a woman who otherwise couldn't afford one.

The unique design is a multitude of small pink ribbons that make up one big pink ribbon, to symbolize how individuals can join together to make a difference.

This 28 oz. water bottle has a screw-on lid that won't leak, and it has indented textured finger holds for easy gripping. The wide-mouth makes it easy to clean with a sponge, or you can also put it in the dishwasher. When you buy this water bottle ($9.95) from the Breast Cancer Site Store, you can feel good about helping women get screened for breast cancer, and you'll also be helping the environment with this reusable bottle.

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audkem01 audkem01 9 years
DaniB, at least they are donating something.
hottpink hottpink 9 years
I agree with workofiction. 1% is not a lot but if I am choosing between two things that I really like and one happens to be something that gives back to charity, then I will buy that one.
workofiction workofiction 9 years
Here's my take: if I'm in the market for an item, say a water bottle, and I come across one that's $10 and cute or one that's $10, cute, and give back even a smidgen to a cause I'm going to pick the one that does something extra albeit however small that something may be.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I agree 100% with you DaniB. 1% is nothing...especially for a woman who can't afford to pay for the mammogram. It's far more helpful that cities are now offering free examines for ALL woman, no matter your financial status...this way you can bring out the masses!!!
DaniB DaniB 9 years
I think this site is fantastic, and it is admirable for you to use this platform to promote something charitable. If I don't comment on this post, I won't be able to sleep. A mammogram costs $125.00. Do you really think $1.25 is helpful? My Mom and her sister both died of breast cancer before they were 45 and left several small children behind. Due to my incresed risk of dying this way I have to get mammograms very often even though I am young. One day they found something and did a biopsy that day. The bill at the end was $1500. I had insurance, but if I hadn't and the biopsy had come back malignant, my treatment at the very least would have been $30,000. When my Mom died her bills totaled $500,000. So $1.25 are you kidding? Many companies are using the pink thing to sell stuff that you don't need. Or don't want, and let's be honest this bottle is ugly. If you want to support a charity, any charity, for the love of god just send them a fricking check. And if you want everyone to notice how totally awesome you are because you support women with breast cancer, VOLUNTEER!
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