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Get in Gear: Road ID

If you exercise outdoors, then you definitely should have your ID with you for the same reason we microchip our dogs. Accidents happen, and in those unfortunate situations you, like your K9 friend, may not be able to speak for yourself. That is where the Road ID comes in handy. You can wear your personal information on your wrist, shoe or ankle.

Road ID will take 6 lines of information, your name, contact information, and medical conditions and laser engrave them on a stainless steel plate that can be mounted on a wrist or ankle band, or a tag to be tied easily into your shoe laces. Most styles cost about $20, but that is a low price for peace of mind and to not have to drag your ID along when you run, hike or ride.

Order one directly from Road ID and don't skip the testimonials. They are fascinating and it is always great to read about other fitness fiends surviving accidents and mishaps that can accompany exercising on the road.

Fit's tip: If you started an outdoor exercise routine this summer, you should invest in one of these ID Bands, since daylight saving time is fast approaching and chances are high you will be exercising when it is still dark outside.

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lizkiernan lizkiernan 9 years
My husband is always telling me to carry ID with me, but I hate it because I don't have any handy pockets and I hate carrying things on my runs. Thanks so much for the link! I just ordered mine.
Sugar_Rush Sugar_Rush 9 years
ah just what I needed! Running at half five in the pitch black with no id... not the best idea but have nowhere/nothing to put it in. Just ordered mine :) Thanks for the link!
chatnoir chatnoir 9 years
Wow.. great idea. I need one.
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 9 years
Road ID is a great gift giving idea for a loved one. I wear mine when I'm out running, biking, etc...
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