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Get (or Give) The Gift of Sleep this Mother's Day

Get (or Give) The Gift of Sleep this Mother's Day

Did you know that only 64% of moms report getting a good night's sleep a few nights a week or less?

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) releases survey results indicating that moms nationwide are not getting the sleep they need to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go. Amen to that! Here is a list from the NSF of tips to allow Mom to sleep in an hour more on Mother's Day (and all year round):

  • It’s All in the Prep! Plan the menu in advance and have all ingredients ready to go. Some breakfast items like French toast, quiche and frittatas can be whipped up and refrigerated until cooking. Pre-set the breakfast tray with silverware, appropriate plates, etc – this will eliminate commotion and clanging in the kitchen. Don’t forget a vase with freshly cut flowers!
  • Keep the Kids Quiet… Remind the children that this is Mom’s special day and the family has made a pact to let her sleep in. Have favorite “quiet” toys (like books, coloring books and kid-friendly DVDs) easily accessible so kids can occupy themselves until Mom wakes up.
  • Mom Loves Sleep PJs… This Mother’s Day, NSF is offering Mom Loves Sleep PJs – a comfy, camisole and patterned cabana pants ensemble. Visit NSF’s Sleep Shop to learn more about this exclusive offer.
  • Get Them Dressed and Ready to Go! Lay out the next day’s clothing before the kids get into bed. Older kids can dress themselves; younger kids may need some assistance. If outfits are chosen and agreed upon the night before, children can get dressed without a fuss.
  • Take a Task… Each child should be assigned a specific chore to ensure that Mother’s Day morning is memorable. Create a chart and give everyone a specific duty. Make Mom proud by having the kids pitch in and help one another on her behalf.

Fit's Tip: Print this for (or email it to) your husband today so he can start planning. If he's anything like mine, he can use all the help he can get.


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CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
Good ideas Fit, this is a great list.
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