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Get a Grip and Live to 85!

MSNBC reported that there are nine mid-life risk factors that could prevent you from making it to the ripe old age of 85:

...being overweight, meaning a body-mass index of 25 or more; having high blood glucose levels, which can lead to Type 2 diabetes; having high triglyceride levels, which contribute to heart disease; having high blood pressure; having low grip strength — unable to squeeze at least 86 pounds of pressure with a hand-held device; smoking; consuming three or more alcoholic drinks daily; not graduating from high school; and being unmarried.

The good news? Almost all of these factors are easily detected and easy to modify. If you want to make it to 85 and beyond, it would be a good idea to start exercising, working towards getting a normal blood pressure and a good grip strength, quitting smoking and drinking excess alcohol, avoiding eating excess calories and start eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, finish that degree and get married!

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