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Get Lifted: Push-Ups With a Partner

Push-ups. Whether you love them or hate them, we can all agree that they're a quick way to intensely target your upper body. I love that there are so many variations of the push-up. You can do them while balancing on an exercise ball, you can do T-Push-ups, One-Legged Push-ups, and Side Push-ups. Here's another variation you can do with a partner.

Music: "Fuel" by Ani Difranco

If you want to give this exercise a try, grab a friend and


  • Face your partner on your hands and knees. Make sure your fingertips are about eight inches apart.
  • Now straighten out your legs, coming into the top of a push-up position. If doing these "classic" push-ups is too hard, then do them with your knees resting on the ground.
  • Both partners lower down, bending their elbows out to the side. Then they straighten their arms and clap their right hands together. They lower down again, then straighten their arms and clap their left hands together.
  • Repeat this exercise for as many claps as you and your partner can.
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