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Get Motivated: If He Can Finish the Boston Marathon, So Can You!

I love a good motivational story. It was pretty cool to see an astronaut running the Boston Marathon, but this lesser known participant takes the cake in my eyes...

Jacob finished the Boston Marathon. You may think, so what? Big deal, lots of people complete marathons. However Jacob is different, he was the last place finisher. Weighing in at just under 400 pounds when he ran the race (though he was over 400 pounds when he decided to run the race), Jacob finished the marathon in 9 hours and 40 minutes (the winner finished in 2:29:18).

Point is, he finished, which is more than most people can say they did. I, for one, am proud of Jacob as I pride myself on fitness and have yet to complete a full marathon myself. He retells his tale on his own blog here and I've got to say, Jacob is hilarious.

Fit's Tip: Overweight individuals should talk to their doctor before taking on such a task like running a marathon.

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