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Get Motivated: Jump Rope Video

Jumping rope is all the rage these days. It is a quick way to burn some calories! Sugar user EllaBella shared this great music video full of fanciful jump rope moves! I watched it and was so inspired. Hopefully it will get you moving too! So get out your jump ropes and practice your moves!

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psangel psangel 9 years
I love jump roping. I would love to learn some of those moves!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 9 years
Fun video. Should definetly scrounge up my rope out of the closet. Anyone know who's the singer/band? And when those guys were bouncing up and down on their butts, did anyone else cringe? My tailbone just ached watching that part.
EllaBella EllaBella 9 years
I love that the people in the video seem to have so much fun while obviously doing a very hard workout. Find it very inspirationnal!
ladyliz ladyliz 9 years
I just recently purchased a jump rope. It's a great workout. Really makes you sweat.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I jump rope almost every day as crosstraining for my running. I jump for about 20-30 minutes in 5-6 minute intervals. I used to be the jump rope QUEEN in grade school...I could go for several minutes at a time. So I don't really have a problem missing the rope...I'm pretty good. But if you are less-than-coordinated with a jump rope, they do make a "ropeless" jump rope that has little weights on it. I think it's called a JumpSnap and you can buy them online for $60. I prefer my Tanita Healthy Jump rope has a counter on it so you can count how many jumps you've done. It's pretty cool. Oh, and FYI...jumping rope burns about 100 calories every 10 minutes, almost as much as running. So it's a GREAT workout!!
fabulicious fabulicious 9 years
had anyone ever tried a "jump-roping" class? looks like fun, but i think i'd be totally embarassed b/c i seem to have barely mastered your typical straightforward rope skipping :P i'd need a very patient teacher :)
pintsized pintsized 9 years
Saw that on Back In Skinny Jeans Blog like a week ago.
Fooled Fooled 9 years
That is so cool to watch, and way inspiring.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
This is such a great workout.
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