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Get Motivated, Visually

We are always looking for ways to stay motivated on a workout and/or healthy eating kick. Sometimes all it takes is a good visual to keep you going, especially if you're a visual person like me. Try these tips to motivate yourself visually:

  • Post a picture of yourself at your current weight if you are trying to lose.
  • Post a picture of yourself at a weight you once were and would like to get back to.
  • Post a picture of a healthy celebrity you would like to emulate. Jessica Biel perhaps? Here's a pic of her in a bikini. Maybe Jackie Warner is your motivation, here she is.
  • Post a picture of something that you would like to get healthy, and thus extend your life, for. Maybe your husband, kids, dog, parents (or all of them).
  • Post a picture of an outfit you would like to feel comfortable in, maybe some cute jeans or a hot string bikini? I am sure you'll be inspired on
  • Post a picture of a reward you'll give youself after you've stuck to it for a while. Maybe a brochure to a resort, a new necklace or it could even be something as small as a new CD... as long as it motivates you.

Fit's Tip: I would post the picture (or pictures) someplace that will really motivate you such as on the fridge, in the pantry, where you keep your gym clothes, in your home gym, on your mirror, etc.

If you have any other visually motivating ideas, I'd love for you to share them so tell us below.


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