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Get Physical: Couples Boxing

Boxing, for the ladies, is definitely "hip" right now. If you and your man want to push the envelope and your comfort zone, take a look at coed/couples boxing as a way to get physical together. You can master your left hook, your jab and your trust issues all in the ring.

Setting boundaries is an important part of any loving relationship, and rules are equally important when a couple enters the ring. Safety rules that dictate how coed pairs fight vary from gym to gym, and couple to couple. At some gyms, women are allowed to hit much harder than their male sparring partners. In other gyms, men are not allowed to hit women at all. It might seem like the men are getting the short end of the workout stick since they are not fighting to their full potential, but men definitely get a workout as they bob and weave defensively.

The actual punching time in the ring is just one part of the workout. Like all good boxing regimens, there are multiple elements to training for coed boxing - think Rocky and Million Dollar Baby. There is jumping rope, speed drills, bag punching and strength training.

If you don't want to spar with your man, you can still take coed boxing classes with him. Many gyms offer coed classes with only same sex sparring at the end of the workout. You can exercise together, hitting punching bags side by side and cheering each other on, but never enter the ring together.

If working out in the ring sounds like fun to you check out this directory at Boxing Gyms for a boxing gym near you. Remember keep it clean and have fun, but don't knock yourself out.


brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 10 years
I was in boxing and also martial arts/kickboxing for years. I sparred with men more often than women, of all ability levels, and I loved it. That said, I'd never want to spar with my fiance. There's just this other level I go to when I do that sort of thing, and I couldn't see myself actively trying to punch him in the face. We've play-wrestled, but that's a lot different. Weird thing is that I'm very good friends with people I met through boxing, and we regularly sparred with each other. One of my best friends has hit me in the jaw with an uppercut (and I've kicked her in the head) countless times. Don't know why I see that differently, but I do.
Green Green 10 years
It sounds like fun. I want to do boxing!!
ilovecandyfloss ilovecandyfloss 10 years
I could NOT hit my boyfriend! And he could most definitely not hit me either!
djannie djannie 10 years
Sounds like fun! My boyfriend and I always wrestle around, but this takes it to another level. It's a great way to spend time with your man and get in a little cardio!
krugby krugby 10 years
I wouldn't want to do this if the men are not allowed to hit back or have to play "gentle." I've always hated that kind of mentality. Of course a gentleman shouldn't hit a woman in daily life, but that's common sense - if you have any decency and self-restraint, then you won't be going around hitting people, regardless of gender. But in sports, especially boxing? Come on, treat us like equals. We're there to play the game, so play hard or go home. I'm a rugby player and I'm not afraid to scrimmage with the men's team. If I get hurt, well that's what happens. I'd rather get hurt in an intense game than have the men tiptoe around me as if I'm made of glass.
Celine87 Celine87 10 years
I love boxing !! I have training 4 times a week =)
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