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Want to try rock climbing but can't bear the summer heat? (Before it was the cold weather that moved you inside, now it may also be the hot weather.)

Then this weekend, grab a partner (your husband, your best friend, etc) and head over to an indoor rock climbing wall/center. It's a great thing to do with someone else because rock climbing typically requires having at least two people, a belayer (the person holding the rope at the bottom) and a climber (the person climbing) to participate. You can always opt to have a staff member of the gym balay for you, but I don't always feel comfortable having a stranger stare at my butt watch me while I climb-up the wall.

I especially love rock climbing because of how amazing it is for strengthening my upper body and legs. My husband loves it because of how macho he feels if he beats my time up the wall. We, like everything physical we do together, make a competition out of it -- First person who loses their grip on the wall does the dishes or makes the bed for a week. Nine out of ten times he loses, with his need for speed rather than thinking about his next move (I like to carefully think about my next move), but he's always willing to take on the competition.

Now, belay on.


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latent latent 9 years
yaaaaaay climbing! Finding a good area local to me takes a bit. And the weather's coming up on the sh&tty time of year...but I love the local indoor stuff!
AucuneRancune AucuneRancune 10 years
My rock climbing shoes and chalk bag have been laying dormant since I moved away from the COlorado rockys. I've never used an indoor wall but I may have to check out if there are any in my area.
nessabum nessabum 10 years
i haven't done that in ages! it sounds like the perfect summer activity for me and my guy.
SU3 SU3 10 years
sounds awesome! :D
rb24 rb24 10 years
I love climbing. Its the best workout for your entire body
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Got it! Thanks.
pkittie pkittie 10 years's belay.
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