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Get Physical: Oscars Challenge

The Oscars are tomorrow and chances are if you're going to watch it, you're going to be watching it with someone else (or a group). This time instead of just sitting there oohing and aahing at the dresses and the winners, make a game out of it.

Have everyone fill out the ballot on Buzz and print it out. Then, during the show make bets on your answers. I am not saying to bet with money, but with physical activities. Write the wager next to the category so "Best actress loser does a one minute wall sit" or "Best actor loser does 50 sit-ups", and so on.

For example: You picked Penelope Cruz to win best actress and your husband picked Meryl Streep, but Penelope wins! Looks like your husband has to do that one minute wall sit. After the night is over, you'll probably have burned off a ton of calories and there is nothing like a little friendly competition to keep things interesting when the Oscars are dragging on (and on, and on).

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suzanne suzanne 10 years
Wait!!! I have an idea. If you have a wrong answer, you have to do the Crow pose until you get one right - and if you're wrong on Best Actor or Best Actress, then you have to do the Wide Leg Split until Kojo finishes all his "Post Oscar" talk show appearances and fashion reviews.:)
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