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What is it about spring that warrants a good deep cleaning of the house? This weekend I have major plans to get down and dirty and I'm not taking it on alone, my husband will be right there with me.

Cleaning, while not the most fun activity in the world, is necessary. My husband and I usually have our morning coffee and a nice breakfast and then we take on the dirt, as a team. Before we know it, we've each burned a couple hundred calories.

Chore Time Her Calories Burned His Calories Burned
Cleaning Windows one hour 195 255
Making the Bed 5 minutes 15 19
Sweeping Floors 30 minutes 101 133
Vacuuming one hour 217 283
Scrubbing the Bathroom 30 minutes 118 154
Moving Furniture 15 minutes 108 142
Mopping 20 minutes 72 94

* Based on 130 lb woman and 170 lb man

That's a lot of calories burned even if you split up the tasks. When you're done, you'll have a clean house, you'll feel great and you'll have spent the day with your husband getting something done.


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SU3 SU3 10 years
Very cool. I need to start making my bed... :P
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