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When you bike with your man does he have trouble keeping up with you? Well, I have a solution - a tandem bike. If you are on the same bike there is no playing catch up.

There is a certain amount of teamwork involved, so it is great for those team building skills. You can share the bike with just about anyone - husband, friend or child, but just make sure the larger rider is up front steering. This is important for handling and balancing a much longer bike, and this rider is known as captain. The person riding in back isn't getting a free ride, they provide constant pedal power and are known as the stroker.

Now if you do choose to venture off on a bicycle built for two, know ahead of time the communication between cyclists is very important. Since the stroker cannot see the road, it is the captain's job to warn the stroker of upcoming bumps in the road. The stroker must also leave the steering to the captain. Tandem biking is really equal part trust exercise and part fun. Definitely a little give and take.

If you are interested call up a local bike shop and see if they rent tandem bikes. Then make a date, make a picnic and head out on the road. Be sure to wear helmets (unlike the couple in the photo)!!!!

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the-kiki the-kiki 10 years
My in-laws are doing a tandem trip right now from Seattle to Boston! They're doing 100 miles a day and are both over 60. Isn't that fantastic?? Except now my husband wants to also...
JennaV JennaV 10 years
We bike much. And always on tandem bikes.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
We don't go biking very much.
pandacn pandacn 10 years
I *love* tandem bikes! My mom won't ride a bike by herself, but she rides a tandem bike with my dad and it is the cutest thing ever.
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