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Get in the Swing With a Chance to Win a Girls' Golf Getaway to PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Admit it. You've watched your boyfriend or husband get ready to hit the links, golf bag in hand, and wondered what all the fuss is about. You may have even seen a gal just like you, dressed to the nines in a cute little skort and polo shirt, and envied her talent and ease on the course even more than you coveted her style.

Whether you think you might want to get serious about the game, want to pick up enough skills to hold your own against the man in your life, or just want to learn a new sport, the Get Golf Ready program is designed to teach everything you'll need to play golf in just a few lessons — with hands-on instruction from PGA and LPGA professionals.

If you haven't already, log in to POPSUGAR and answer the question below to show us which benefit sounds the most appealing to you. You'll automatically be entered to win the ultimate girls' golf getaway package for you plus a friend, which includes:

Why not take a swing? Log in, answer the questions below, and enter for your chance to win!

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Amanda14616939 Amanda14616939 4 years
this sounds amazing i have always wanted to learn how to golf, my dad use to love golfing before he passed away. when i was a little girl i would always ride on the golf cart. this is wonderful!
pauline15 pauline15 4 years
This sounds great! I have a really wicked slice that I really need to work on!
pinkster46 pinkster46 4 years
Love playing golf with my hubby and on occasion with our friends
cre8tveminde cre8tveminde 4 years
What a great prize!
RONA111 RONA111 4 years
Sounds like a great trip!
tinkerbell61 tinkerbell61 4 years
Love the trip giveaway
paulawalla paulawalla 4 years
Nice giveaway! My bff and I would love this! It sounds like a great trip. Hope I'm entered. I logged in and answered the poll question. I didn't see an entry form.
missannmcd missannmcd 4 years
bonnieann bonnieann 4 years
golf is the best game for enjoying friendships, seeing great nature and having fun
tacobelle tacobelle 4 years
everybody should learn golf
Sweepgoddess14609386 Sweepgoddess14609386 4 years
Thanks for the opportunity! Golf is my favorite sport.
sambo59 sambo59 4 years
Sounds like a very fun time
Karen-L14608539 Karen-L14608539 4 years
Best way to do all four.
Scott3572549 Scott3572549 4 years
great prize - have always wanted to go to west palm beach.
ladydanaj ladydanaj 4 years
Hmm, am I the only one who wants to network on the golf course
ppear ppear 4 years
Ready to roll!
christybuttons christybuttons 4 years
This sounds like a great time!
karynsart karynsart 4 years
So awesome!!!
rhbcpa rhbcpa 4 years
I'd love to go!
Kringer Kringer 4 years
Thanks for the chance!
Chenoa14603968 Chenoa14603968 4 years
I can get ready in ten minutes got my vera bradley bags ready
kalalenn kalalenn 4 years
Girlfriends, golf, getaway-sounds glorious
mmite mmite 4 years
Would be a great trip!
im ready!
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