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Get it Up - Your Heart Rate, That is: StairMaster Interval Training

Looking for a change to your workout? Maybe you should hop on the StairMaster for this heart pumping program.

00:00-05:00 Warm Up Level 3
05:00-07:00 Level 6
07:00-09:00 Level 8
09:00-11:00 Level 6
11:00-13:00 Level 8
13:00-15:00 Level 6
15:00-17:00 Level 10
17:00-19:00 Level 8
19:00-21:00 Level 10
21:00-24:00 Level 8
24:00-26:00 Level 10
26:00-28:00 Level 8
28:00-30:00 Level 10
30:00-35:00 Cool Down Level 3

Remember: Don't hold on for dear life, just for balance if needed. Holding on is not only cheating but it also puts you at risk for injury as your body is not in proper alignment. If this program seems too hard (you're holding on) or easy (you're hardly breaking a sweat) you can go up or down in levels based on your personal level of fitness. Let me know how it goes!


Join The Conversation
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years
I must be such a newbie...I have been holding on as if the machine might take off without me and I didn't even realize I was making this harder on myself.
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
I think having a workout to follow like this will keep me from getting bored on the machine. I am going to try it too.
Bekah75 Bekah75 10 years
I really enjoy the stairmaster! It is a kick butt workout! I will definitely have to try out this interval training!
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