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Get it Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Build it Up Treadmill Run

Don't get scared by the title, this is not some crazy cardio workout that involves getting off the treadmill and actually building something. The term "build it up" is more of a metaphor for how you progress as the time moves along. Basically you run one minute then rest, you run two minutes then rest, you run three minutes then rest and so on. Enjoy!

00:00-05:00 WARM-UP, Speed 2.0
05:00-06:00 Speed 6.0
06:00-07:00 Speed 3.5
07:00-09:00 Speed 6.0
09:00-10:00 Speed 3.5
10:00-13:00 Speed 6.0
13:00-14:00 Speed 3.5
14:00-18:00 Speed 6.0
18:00-19:00 Speed 3.5
19:00-24:00 Speed 6.0
24:00-25:00 Speed 3.5
25:00-31:00 Speed 6.0
31:00-32:00 Speed 3.5
32:00-39:00 Speed 6.0
39:00-40:00 Speed 3.5
40:00-45:00 COOL-DOWN, Speed 2.0

Not ready for this yet? I've done a beginner's version of this workout. To find out what it is

00:00-05:00 WARM-UP, Speed 1.5
05:00-06:00 Speed 4.0
06:00-07:00 Speed 2.5
07:00-09:00 Speed 4.0
09:00-10:00 Speed 2.5
10:00-13:00 Speed 4.0
13:00-14:00 Speed 2.5
14:00-18:00 Speed 4.0
18:00-19:00 Speed 2.5
19:00-24:00 Speed 4.0
24:00-25:00 Speed 2.5
25:00-31:00 Speed 4.0
31:00-32:00 Speed 2.5
32:00-39:00 Speed 4.0
39:00-40:00 Speed 2.5
40:00-45:00 COOL-DOWN, Speed 1.5

Still too hard? Then experiment with the speed on the "fast" interval and work at a level that challenges you. You can then begin to build up to be able to do either workout.


amyfinke amyfinke 10 years
I trained for my first marathon on a treadmill and managed to finish in 04:33:12. Trust me - running on a treadmill IS running and you can still get a great workout.
citychic1 citychic1 10 years
i follow something similar from from their "Couch to 5K" program (recommended by fitsugar). i haven't gotten to running the 5k yet, but doing the interval running has really helped me get over my aversity to any kind of running.
JTRN JTRN 10 years
Interval training has been proven more effective. Try
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I like the treadmill AND running outdoors. But as I've said in a similar discussion before, the treadmill is easier on the body, safer than running alone outside for women and still is a great workout. Running on a treadmill IS running. Period. Roy Benson, an expert runner and coach who's also the senior writer for "Running Times" magazine says: "A one-percent incline makes the treadmill effort equal to running outside." So unless you are a bigger expert than an elite trainer and athlete, please stop being such a snob about treadmills. It's mean and unnecessary.
misskboo misskboo 10 years
I don't really think it makes all that much difference if you run outside or on the treadmill. I do both and both have advantages. For runs longer that 30 mins I prefer running outside (even though I have to get it done early before it gets too hot - I live in Florida). But for interval training, a warm up jog before weights or walking with an incline the treadmill is great.
Jivespeaker Jivespeaker 10 years
Who holds onto the handles while running? LOL Thanks for the workouts - I'm eager to try them!
syako syako 10 years
thanks. it's just there are so many running snobs I guess.
go4it go4it 10 years
syako, don't take it too personally. people have have preconceived notions about certain things. I too have trained mainly on the treadmill and when i go for runs with friends that usually run outside, they can't keep up. i'm pretty sure there are a lot of people out there that "run" outside couldn't do the treadmill workouts that i do.
go4it go4it 10 years
lint is right, you need to run faster on the treadmill to get the same benefit as running outside. but for a lot of us, running outside is bad for our knees etc. to make the treadmill closer to running outside, try changing your incline level, or maintaining your incline on 1.0 which is the same (so I've been told by many trainers) as running outside on a flat surface. although running outside offers many challenges, it does not offer a person the ability to control their workout, and gauge their improvement etc. just make sure you are constantly trying to improve whether you run inside or out, even if its a little bit. people that run outside can get lulled into a complacency because they run the same route every time. get a heart rate monitor, it's your best tool in figuring out how hard you are working, and how hard you need to work. also if you run on the treadmill, try doing a run outside ever so often and vice versa, it's good to change it up. sorry that was a lot. but i get sick of people that "run" outside who think those of us that choose to run on a treadmill are inferior. I'd like to have knees in 20 years.
syako syako 10 years
well I disagree with you. I run on the treadmill all throughout the summer because where I live it's 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I put it at a 1% incline and never ever do I hold on to the handles while running. I agree with you that you don't get the wind resistance and other forces, but it's still a run. That's how I trained for my 10k, and I did great in that race. I think maybe you need rethink what running means. It's simply putting one foot in front of the other and going faster than a walk.
arianaaa arianaaa 10 years
i started doing something like this earlier today. it gave me more stamina to do things that normally i can only do for a short time. it makes the time on the treadmill go by so much faster!
lintacious lintacious 10 years
go outside and do a '6.0' and tell me it's the same thing. running outdoors has so many other factors that makes your body work harder: no handles, wind, sidewalk/pavement/grass, real hills, curves, actually moving forward etc. I would actually suggest running on an indoor track. So you are actually moving and don't have handles to rely on but the external environment is a bit less of a factor. I'm not saying treadmilling a 10 minute mile isn't great, it definitely is! I just do not equate it to running.
go4it go4it 10 years
I agree with lintacious, that workout isn't really a run. technically you are running when you run faster than 10 minute miles. it's definitely a great build up workout for people that are trying to build up the stamina to run though.
syako syako 10 years
lint - what do you mean? If you're doing 6.0 on the treadmill that's RUNNING a 10 minute mile.
queencessjosie queencessjosie 10 years
I do the beginners version on my elliptical. 6.0? Haha.. asthma attack waiting to happen! Nah, maybe I'd try it when I'm ready.
yk8492 yk8492 10 years
I thought this was funny cuz I do the same thing at home, but mostly for 30 minutes instead... I heard running then resting in a pattern is a great way to burn off calories and is more effective than straight out running or walking..
lintacious lintacious 10 years
using the treadmill and using the elliptical are two excellent sources of cardio. but neither are running.
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