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Get It Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Elliptical Fun

I have been using my hubby's elliptical more than usual lately. Mommy gets her heart rate up and my girls see that Daddy can share his toys. Two good things rolled up into 40 minutes of fun!

This routine is a little busy, but it certainly entertains me and helps the time to pass quickly. I have been keeping an eye on my strides per minute (SPM) to monitor my sprint intervals. This is a great technique to use if you are without a heart rate monitor. The other two elements I enjoy spicing my routine with are: working no handed to challenge my sense of balance as well as work my core and working the backs of my legs by going backwards. Really pressing through the heel activates the backside of my legs and I love that feeling.

00:00-05:00 Level 3, Warm-up
05:00-06:00 Level 5
06:00-07:00 Level 5, Backward
07:00-09:00 Level 7, Forward/No Hands
09:00-11:00 Level 10, Hands/SPM 135-145
11:00-13:00 Level 6, Backward
13:00-15:00 Level 8, Forward/SPM 145-155
15:00-17:00 Level 6
17:00-19:00 Level 8 Forward/SPM 145-155
19:00-21:00 Level 6, Backward
21:00-22:00 Level 6, Forward/No Hands
22:00-24:00 Level 10, Hands/SPM 135-145
24:00-26:00 Level 6
26:00-29:00 Level 8, Backward
29:00-31:00 Level 8, Hands/SPM 145-155
31:00-34:00 Level 8 Forward/No Hands
34:00-35:00 Level 5
35:00-40:00 Level 3, Cool-down

I like to print this out and put the print out on the machine so I don't get lost in all of the details.


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