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Get It Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Treadmill 2-3 Min Intervals

You know by now that I am a big fan of interval training when I am doing my cardio, but especially when I'm on the treadmill. Not only is it a great way to burn a ton of calories, but it's also a great way to manage boredom. This treadmill interval routine is made up by alternating three minutes of walking and jogging at moderate resistance (an incline of 3-5) with two minutes of walking at low resistance (an incline of 2).

00:00-05:00 Level 2.5, warm-up (no incline)
05:00-08:00 Level 4.0, incline 5
08:00-10:00 Level 3.5, incline 2
10:00-13:00 Level 4.0, incline 5
13:00-15:00 Level 3.5, incline 2
15:00-18:00 Level 5.0, incline 4
18:00-20:00 Level 3.5, incline 2
20:00-23:00 Level 5.0, incline 4
23:00-25:00 Level 3.5, incline 2
25:00-28:00 Level 6.0, incline 3
28:00-30:00 Level 3.5, incline 2
30:00-33:00 Level 6.0, incline 3
33:00-35:00 Level 3.5, incline 2
35:00-40:00 Level 2.5, cool-down (no incline)

If this is too difficult, slow down the pace a few notches and/or drop the incline a percentage or two. If it's too easy, speed up the pace a few notches and/or increase the incline a percentage or two.


Fit's Tip: I always keep the incline on at least one percent to give a tad bit of resistance no matter what I am doing.


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