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Get it Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Treadmill Series

Looking for something new to do on the treadmill that will get your heart rate up but not leave you feeling so bored? Try this fun interval walk/run workout the next time you're at the gym.

00:00-05:00 Warm-up, Walk 3.0 mph, Incline 1
05:00-10:00 Run 5.0 mph, Incline 1
10:00-15:00 Walk 3.5 mph, Incline 12
15:00-20:00 Run 5.5 mph, Incline 1
20:00-25:00 Walk 3.5 mph, Incline 12
25:00-30:00 Run 6.0 mph, Incline 1
30:00-35:00 Walk 3.5 mph, Incline 12
35:00-40:00 Cool-down, Walk 3.0 mph, Incline 1

Let me know what you think. The incline walking is a sure way for working that booty, which is always good. Does the above workout look too hard for your fitness level? Then for a slightly more beginner version, just

00:00-05:00 Warm-up, Walk 2.0 mph, Incline 1
05:00-10:00 Run 5.0 mph, Incline 1
10:00-15:00 Walk 2.5 mph, Incline 9
15:00-20:00 Run 5.0 mph, Incline 1
20:00-25:00 Walk 2.5 mph, Incline 9
25:00-30:00 Run 5.0 mph, Incline 1
30:00-35:00 Walk 2.5 mph, Incline 9
35:00-40:00 Cool-down, Walk 2.0 mph, Incline 1

Want to see other cardio workout ideas? Check out all my heart pumping routines here.

Join The Conversation
loux2 loux2 9 years
Have been incorporating this into my workout and love it :) It really makes the treadmill enjoyable, my bf likes it too (a slightly altered version) and wonders why he never thought to do something like that before :) You really feel your calves working.
ktacce ktacce 9 years
bootaaaay! workin it out! and those hammys!
olliecat olliecat 9 years
I tried this out today and thought it was pretty good! For me it was a good moderate intensity workout. The first ten minutes are low intensity, so it gave a good chance to work on my running form.(Something I often neglect). I also liked the intensity build from 5.0 to 6.0 and the incline of 12 was good challenge. Def felt my legs/calves working! Pls. post more! Thanks!
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 9 years
I'm definitely trying the beginner workout. Thanks!
City-Love City-Love 9 years
Sydjia Sydjia 9 years
Thanks I have been waiting for this!
Athena1 Athena1 9 years
Thanks. This will be good for me when hitting in the gym in the cold months.
mlmoreno47 mlmoreno47 9 years
I literally wrote this down on my purse notebook...going to try it tonight! Thanks for all the cardio ideas! I think I'm going to make up a binder or something. I'm so over just hopping on the elliptical for 30 gets so boring!
number6_ed number6_ed 9 years
The beginner version looks like something I could and would do. Thanks for posting that. :)
Pinkgirl88 Pinkgirl88 9 years
Fun!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, i will try this tomorrow!
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