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Get Your Butt in Gear: Adidas Supernova Running Skort

I was in the store yesterday looking for new shorts to run in. What is up with running shorts being so loose and frumpy looking? I know that exercising isn't a fashion show, but you still want to look good, right? I mean I'm not working this hard to cover up all my lean leg muscles now am I?

Then I spotted something different - the Adidas Supernova Running Skort. It's a fitted - but not super tight - skirt (13 inch outseam), with fitted shorts attached underneath.

The material was silky smooth and very flexible - something called Ventilated ClimaCool to keep you dry. In the dressing room I practiced running in place, squatting, kicking and jumping is this skort, and it moved with me and looked adorable. I also love that it sat low on my hips and had a thick waistband.

This Adidas skort ($42) is flattering, stylish and comfortable. Now you won't have to worry about floating away in those hideously loose balloon shorts. Plus, the fitted shorts underneath this skort help to support your muscles without riding up your crotch. Brilliant! Buy it from

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