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Get Your Butt in Gear: Adjustable Pant Lengths

For anyone whose legs are especially short or especially long, finding a workout pant that is a good length can be a major hassle. Short folks find themselves stepping on hems while the tall folks can barely hide their white socks. Good news ladies, there is a pant for us all.

These New Balance Thermal Lite pants ($60) are made so you can cut off about four inches (if needed) from the prehemmed inseams to make them the perfect length for you. Not good with a needle and thread? No worries since cutting instructions are included and no hemming is necessary.

I'm intrigued. You too? Then buy them from

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krys786 krys786 9 years
why don't they just make the different lengths and customers buy the one that fits them?? i can't see a lot of people saying, "wow, let me buy these pants so i can go home and tailor them before i can wear them!"
Brians-Girl Brians-Girl 9 years
this is amazing.. every pair of pants should be made this way.. well maybe not EVERY! but you know! :)
lrgoldman34 lrgoldman34 9 years
I must get these---long pants are a must when you're tall and they look so cute and comfy. Thanks!
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