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Get Your Butt in Gear: Patagonia Summer Wear

I love Patagonia's gear because everything I have from them is well made and comfortable. I know it can get a little pricey but they have a great idea behind their clothing recycling program and I like supporting companies who support the environment. Here are two pieces for summer that caught my eye recently:

I am in love with this W's Sleeveless Gal-Tee ($35.00) because the super soft jersey knit fabric of the Sleeveless Gal-Tee manages moisture and dries quickly to keep you cool. However, it looks and feels like smooth, soft cotton and resists pilling. The sleeveless design emphasizes shoulder and back motion making it ideal for rock climbing, yoga and days when you're lifting weights. Buy it directly from
Pair it with these ultra stretchy jersey-knit W's Morning Glory Capris ($55.00) to keep moisture away from your skin and dry fast. The interior is smooth and skin-friendly (i.e., no chaffing). The fit is very motion friendly and is also enhanced with 5" vents on the back of each flared leg to keep cool. Buy them directly from
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beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i agree - patagonia is amazing! their stuff is so durable and so fashionable, too...and if that weren't enough, their stuff is eco-friendly as well!
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