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Remember when you were a kid and you never carried a purse, or even had a wallet. When you were headed out on the town (like to the ice cream shop on your bike), you put your money in your sock. The change or bills would slip down and you'd be walking on your money! These days that process just sounds a little, well, gross. That is why I am loving these running socks by Zip It.

You can still carry your cash, or ID, around in your sock but now it will stay tucked up in a little zippered compartment and stay away from the sweaty sole of your foot. The ankle-high socks are just tall enough so that items in the zippered pocket won’t dip down and interfere with the performance of your shoe. Plus the sock has been engineered to provide extra shock absorption, to wick away sweat and control the growth of bacteria and fungi.

These scientifically engineered socks with wallet compartment will only set you back $14.99 - buy them directly from Zip It. They're available in blue, white or pink, which is, of course, of my fave!

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