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I think of myself as a jock just because I played sports in high school. But really, I am just a grown up girl with two very girly daughters. I've been celebrating my more feminine side and have wholeheartedly embraced pink (thanks to my pink loving daughters), and now I want to run fast in a skirt!!!

Thanks to SkirtSports I can. They are pioneering a new trend in women's fitness apparel - yep, the sport skirt - everything old is new again. Their skirts are great for running, biking, gym time, tennis, golf walking, and just hanging out looking cool in a brightly colored mini. You can look like an athlete and a woman at the same time. After all it is National Girls & Women In Sports Day, and these skirts incorporate both the feminine and the sporty. This is what professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom was thinking when she decided to create this line of sports clothes for women.

If you are thinking of converting to the skirt, send in an old pair of running shorts and receive a 45% discount. Which could be your gateway skirt, which run (haha!!!) around $70.

Interested in trying one on before you buy? SkirtSports has a great retail locator on their website.

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