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Get Your Butt in Gear: Sports Bra for the Well-Endowed

It is rare when a women specific exercise issue makes the news, but my reaction to the story that even gentle exercise causes breast pain in the majority of womens was - duh! I could have told you that. It is cool though that someone is researching this and the outcome will hopefully be better bras, since running outside is tough enough on its own. You have to concentrate to dodge pedestrians, avoid cracks in the sidewalks and be on the look out for cars, so you shouldn't have to worry about that uncomfortable bounce factor. I want a sports bra that will help my girls stay put, not only to reduce the pain, but most importantly to stop the immature comments I hear spewing out of car windows.

Check out this Fiona Bra ($44) made by Moving Comfort. This is for all the ladies who are a C-D-DD in cup size, and like to do high-impact exercise.

This bra offers intense support, but still gives you a feminine shape. The straps and back clasp with 3 rows of hook and eyes make this bra completely adjustable, so you can get a perfect fit for your body. There are interior molded cups to encapsulate each breast and the material across your chest is one-way power mesh to limit vertical movement (aka - the bounce).

This bra is the definition of support and I love that it covers your cleavage. It comes in white, black, moonstone, petal, and green tea. Order it from Moving Comfort in a range of sizes from 32C - 44DD.

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