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Get Your Butt in Gear: Ventigaiters

Spring is about warmer weather, buds growing, and flowers blooming. Well, not quite yet. First comes the rain and when it rains, that means mud.

Don't let a little mud prevent you from taking that first spring hike you've been looking forward to all winter. All you need is a rain jacket, some waterproof trail shoes like these from Keen, and something to protect your lower legs from getting wet and dirty.

What you need are these Nut Shell Ventigaiters from Mountain Hardwear. They do an awesome job of keeping the mud, rocks, and wetness from getting into your shoes. If you get hot, these gaiters also have an optional roll back mesh lining near your calf that can be opened to let your legs "breathe."

These are also made for women, so they'll fit you better than other unisex gaiters. For $29.95, they're cheaper than most too.

Join The Conversation
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 10 years
I think they look fun, I'd totally look like a serious jack*ss in them, but I'd enjoy every minute of it!
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Plus, bonus! - you look totally hot wearing them. Or not. I kid, sorry. They are actually a great idea for serious hikers.
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
I think I would just let my legs get wet or wear pants I didn't care much about and change 'em when I was done hiking.
Beaner Beaner 10 years
They are totally a great idea. I'd rather wear gaitirs than full on mud pants. They come off so easily once you're done hiking around and you're in the car headed back home. You just slip those off instead of having to pull pants off (I would always get mud all over the inside of my mud pants.)
JennaV JennaV 10 years
That reminds me of moonboots
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