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Get Your Hands Diamond Ring Ready

Have you recently gotten engaged and you are dying to show off your ring? It's time to get your hands, not just your arms, in shape. Here are some tips:

  • The winter does a number on your hands - you're constantly washing them to prevent colds and flu, and the dry air can leave you skin and nails brittle and cracked. Find a moisturizing hand soap to use that'll kill the germs, but won't dry out your skin.
  • It may sound silly, but buy a hand salve like the one from Burt's Bees. Take all your rings off (I know you don't want to, but you don't want your beautiful ring getting all gunked up). Rub the salve all over your hands and cuticles after you get all tucked under the covers. Slip some old cotton socks on your hands, and let the natural oils nourish your hands while you sleep.
  • If you get a hang nail, cut it off with nail clippers. Biting it off might cause it to bleed, which won't look very pretty next to your sparkly ring.
  • On a similar note, if one of your nails gets a little break, even it off with nail clippers and a nail file - they're more precise than your teeth.
  • If you were stressed because you were nervous about when your significant other was going to propose, your nails may have suffered the consequences. Nail biting is common, but now that you are engaged, it has to stop so you won't be embarrassed to show off your ring.

If nail biting is a hard habit to break for you, then

Nail biting can be a way to deal with stress, so find a healthier way to cope. Get a massage, make some soothing Chamomile tea, take a hot bath, exercise, take a walk, take a yoga class, or meditate. Do what you need to relax your thoughts so you'll be less likely to nibble.

This may sound extreme, but you may want to purchase something like Control-it. It's a cream made with cayenne pepper so if you bite your nails, it bites you back. It also contains aloe vera, sunflower oil, Omega-3 extract, and vitamins A and E to nourish your nails and cuticles. It even works for deterring little ones to stop sucking their thumbs.

Fit's Tips: Since you're engaged now, why not celebrate with a manicure? It's a great way to relax plus they'll trim down your cuticles and get rid of hang nails (which are one thing nail biters love to bite). Chances are, if you spent all that money to get your nails looking fabulous, you'll be less likely to ruin them with your choppers.


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