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Getting a Deal on Gym Membership

'Tis the Season to Save on Gym Sign-Up

National health clubs traditionally offer their best deals in the final days of December, which means it is prime time to sign up or reevaluate your current gym. Gyms give their sweetest sign-up deals now because they want to lure the large number of individuals, like yourselves, who have resolved to get fit in the new year.

FitSugar readers' favorite gym of the year, Life Time Fitness, is waiving its enrollment fee, Gold's Gym is offering a $1 enrollment special, and 24 Hour Fitness is waiving its enrollment fee as well. No matter where you get your sweat on, make sure to Google your gym this week, or call up the membership office and scope out their deals and initiatives. Remember: they want to keep you happy, healthy, and signed-up, so don't be afraid to ask. I've scored special trainer sessions and an adjusted monthly rate just by asking gyms over the years. Of course, don't sign up with a gym simply because it has the best deal. Becoming a member of a health club is a big commitment that involves other factors beyond cost, like location and class offerings. Make sure you check out our tips on choosing a gym before enrolling anywhere. Here's to getting fit in the New Year!

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