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Gisele: Not Quite the Authority on Anorexia

Gisele's statements on the causes of anorexia are making quite the stir.

Apparently she believes that the modeling industry is not to blame for the rise in anorexia, but the parents of the models are. Of course Gisele is basing her opinion on her own experience as she did not have to deal with an eating disorder because (in her opinion) she had good family support. While experts are not discounting that family support is obviously important in any situation, there is no scientific evidence that families straight-up cause anorexia nervosa. Researchers are actually finding that anorexia is not just simply wanting to be slim to achieve some fashionable slender ideal. Furthermore, the data shows that anorexia has a strong genetic component that may be the root cause of this illness.

Experts say:

"An uninformed opinion such as Bundchen's causes harm on a number of levels. By contributing to the stigma, it drives sufferers underground and creates obstacles to seeking help. It damages attempts at advocacy and hurts parents who are desperately fighting for their child's recovery."

Looks like Gisele may want to take her foot, while it may be a very polished and high paid foot, out of her mouth.


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