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Go Ahead Drink the Tap Water NYC

Bottled water is getting a bad rap, have you noticed? Well not necessarily the water, but the bottle itself. Those plastic bottles are filling up our landfills. Since bottled water is a convenience beverage that we drink on the go, the bottles are rarely recycled. In fact Americans go through nearly 100 million plastic bottles every day and recycle roughly 25 percent of them. Yikes!!!! A lot of energy is expended making those bottles we only use once and then toss them.

In an effort to make the big apple greener, the city government is urging residents of NYC to drink tap water. The water in NYC is famous for making the best bagels and the best pizza dough, but the New Yorkers are taking some convincing - especially during summer. While the city water might be great, old pipes in old buildings still make residents wary of drinking out of the tap. Look for the "Get Your Fill" ad campaign and free plastic, blue refillable water bottles being handed out around New York this summer.

It looks like "the tap" is making a comeback.

Do you drink tap water? Do you filter it first? Or are you a bottled water only kind of gal? Let me know in the comments section below.


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