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It is Diabetes Awareness Month and since type 2 diabetes is on the rise nationally, I thought this study about the benefits of exercise on the disease is well worth sharing. Since, you know, I am decidedly pro exercise.

When it comes to managing glucose levels for people with type 2 diabetes exercise is a key factor. A new study performed by the University of Calgary found that both aerobic training and weight training improves blood sugar levels for people with diabetes, but combining both kinds of training was even better. Yet, another reason for exercisers to mix it up since in this case the sum is greater than the parts.

Although the blood sugar changes appear small, clinically they resonate loudly. Just a one percent drop in glucose levels can reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack by 15 to 20 percent and blindness, kidney failure, or amputations by 25 to 40 percent. Now those are some numbers that could inspire some exercise!


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