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I am not always a germ-a-phone, really I'm not. However, when it comes to certain things I can't help but get a little nervous about the germs lurking on their surfaces.

Take gym equipment for example, and I am talking about a regular gym - not a naked gym. While I am sure everyone knows that they should wipe off a machine when you're done with it, hardly anyone does. It just grosses me out. I usually carry a few wipes around with me because the gym often runs out or they are out of the way and it's just easier if I have a few with me. Problem is, holding on to those chemical-laden wipes can really do a number on the skin on your hands, and since it's engagement week and all, no on wants dry looking hands. I have recently been using Method's go naked Surface Wipes ($4.00) at the gym and I love them! They are dye and perfume free, nontoxic and mild but effective. Your hands don't feel or smell from them yet you can wipe down the equipment as you go. Buy them directly from or they're available at Target stores nationwide. Keep in mind, they are great for wiping down everything, like your desk, not just sweaty gym equipment.

Right now I throw a few in zip lock baggies to put in my gym bag, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they come out with a travel pack soon!

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