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Going Halfsies: Ways to Lite'N Up Your Recipes

Going Halfsies: Ways to Lite'N Up Your Recipes

We are all looking for ways to "clean up" our favorite recipes and here's an idea to try when you start experimenting. Instead of completely getting rid of the offending ingredient, why not try just getting rid of half of it? Test your results and see if you can venture further.

If you are trying to lessen the caloric and fat load of mayonnaise, try using non-fat yogurt for half of the required amount of mayo. You don't have to go cold turkey off mayo. This will also work with sour cream.

Another easy ingredient to alter is eggs. Substitute some egg whites for whole eggs. Instead of 2 eggs use one whole egg and 1 or 2 egg whites.

These "halfsies" substitutions will keep the texture and taste of your new lite recipe closer to the original. Use this technique as a starting point and keep on experimenting to see how much fat, sugar, or salt you can remove from a recipe and still keep the dish tasty.

Don't forget to share your redone recipes Lite'n it Up Group. I, for one, would love to try them.

Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
Applesauce for oil, too.
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